GMOS ( Gulf Metal & Oil Solutions) was established to provide its customers with easy access to Metal & Oil products from various markets across the globe.

Driven by an unwavering passion for excellence in all our business services, we have a dedicated team of people, state-of-the-art technology-enabled supply chain systems, coupled with strong partnerships with major industrial principals across the globe.

We design and provide

  • comprehensive range of refractory precast shape for all aluminum cast-house applications from melting furnace to the continuous casting pit. All shapes, regardless of size, are manufactured to exact customer requirements for refractory composition, dimensional tolerance and surface cosmetics.
  • wide range of graphite shapes, various type of seals and gaskets, steel fabricated shapes and mechanical spares involved in lots of industrial processes to obtain maximum reliability in the processes.
  • wide range of custom-made protection, sealing, thermal and electrical insulation products. Today we provide solutions matching a wide range of thermal exposure in medium, high and very high temperatures especially to aluminum and petrochemical industries.
  • wide range of automatic lubrication system (mainly single point lubrication) that has proven track record to operate in extreme conditions like high temperature, contamination, vibration, unsafe as well as hard to access areas. System focus on safety and reliability of the plant.
  • wide range of cast iron and cast steel products (casting molds, dross pans, drain pan, tubes and customized shapes)
  • alloying elements/ hardeners & raw material used in aluminum and steel industries.
  • Your Challenges‚Ķ. Our Solutions.¬†

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